The attorney for the Blair County Convention Center in Altoona, Pa., has asked a judge to dismiss a lawsuit filed by an RV consumer show promoter against the operators of the facility, according to the Altoona Mirror.
Richard DiAndrea, owner of American Event Management, filed suit against the Allegheny Mountains Convention and Visitors Bureau, operators of the convention center in Altoona, for refusing to allow American Event to stage a retail car and RV show in the facility last month.
DiAndrea alleges he signed a contract to stage the auto and RV show in the convention center in February 2003, 2004 and 2005. DiAndrea’s show took place as scheduled last year but was canceled this year.
David Andrews, the attorney representing the convention center and its operating agencies, told the Blair County Court of Common Pleas that the agreement between DiAndrea and convention center operators was “never sealed,” the Mirror reported.
Unless DiAndrea can provide “more specifics,” Andrews told the court , he believes DiAndrea’s lawsuit should be dismissed.
Earlier, DiAndrea told the Associated Press (AP) he planned to charge a $4 admission fee for his show but that convention center operators booked another show that did not charge an admission fee, for the week he planned to hold his car-RV show.
DiAndrea added that he agreed to pay $10,000 to rent the convention center for his show, the AP reported,