The sharp increase in the price of certain of RV company stocks during the past few months recently received attention from Forbes magazine and its Forbes.com website.
Forbes reports that the six largest RV manufacturing companies with publicly traded stock — Coachmen, Fleetwood, Monaco, National RV, Thor and Winnebago — average 80% stock price increases over the past 12 months.
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Monaco, Thor and Winnebago are the companies that experienced the largest stock price increases during the past 12 months.
Winnebago’s share price increased almost 180% from the $17 to $18 range a year ago to around $48.50 now.
After adjusting for a three-for-two stock split last Sept. 10, Monaco’s stock price has climbed around 140% from $12 a year ago to $29 a share now.
Thor’s stock price has climbed a little more than 110% from $23 a year ago to around $49 a share now.
Coachmen, which experienced a sharp stock price rise in the last month or so, has seen its shares gain around 80% in value from the $9 to $10 range a year ago to around $17 a share now.
Meanwhile, National RV’s stock has climbed marginally in recent weeks and its shares are up almost 10% from $10.50 a year ago to around $11.50 now.
Fleetwood, which has had difficulties due to losses at its manufactured home retailing and travel trailer manufacturing businesses, has seen its stock price stay pretty flat the last 12 months. Its shares continue to trade in the $9 to $10 a share range, the same as a year ago.
Forbes reported that investors are more interested in RV company stocks now because the market for RVs is expanding as millions of baby boomers enter their prime RV-buying years. It also quoted sources who believe the recent recession created pent-up demand and that many boomers who postponed their RV purchases the last few years will eventually become RV owners.