Local officials in suburban New Orleans denied the request from the owner of an RV-boat storage business to expand his facility, the Times-Picayune of New Orleans reported.
The owner of the storage business, Burt Lattimore, was seeking the rezoning of a 104-foot-wide stretch of land next to a residential area in the town of Meraux, La., to allow for the expansion.
However, the St. Bernard Parish Council voted to reject the proposal because many people living in the adjacent residential area opposed the expansion.
“It’s like putting a dress on a pig, at the end of the day, it’s still a pig,” said one resident who was quoted by the Times-Picayune.
The residents said, basically, that allowing the RV/boat storage facility to grow close to their homes would create unacceptable amounts of noise, fumes, dust and dirt and that the bright security lights would be a nuisance.
Lattimore told the newspaper, “We won’t give up on that property” and that he could resubmit the same rezoning request to St. Bernard officials if we waits two years.