A proposal to expand an RV and boat storage yard in California’s South Livermore Valley wine region has been rejected by Alameda County’s planning director, but the yard’s owner has filed an appeal, according to the Contra Costa Times.
John Migliore, owner of Ideal Camper Storage, stores about 900 boats and RVs on his property, and wants to expand by adding 25 acres on the south side of the land he already owns.
But Planning Director James Sorensen has objected to the proposal on the grounds that it would hurt the community’s appearance.
“It does not appear that the expansion of the storage facility would promote the area’s wine region image,” Sorensen stated in a mid-july letter that cited policies adopted by the county Board of Supervisors in 1993 to preserve and enhance the vineyard region.
Sorensen said the facility is “almost surrounded by vineyards” and is located on prime agricultural soils.
The storage yard was permitted in 1983, a decade before plans were adopted by the city and county to preserve and promote the wine region. Sorensen said that the current operation can continue, but expansion will not be permitted.
The Livermore City Council in May voted 3-2 to support county approval of expansion as long as the development met requirements for landscaping and visual screening. The council majority and several city residents said the facility will help reduce the numbers of RVs parked in residential neighborhoods.