A major RV storage facility will open soon in Roseville, Calif., according to the Sacramento Bee newspaper.

The business, called Secure RV Services Inc., will include half of a 216,800-square-foot warehouse for indoor storage of around 300 RVs and boats, along with secure outdoor storage for an additional 125 units.

It apparently is the first indoor RV storage facility in Northern California, said Mike Crabb, one of the principals of the business.

Although the facility will be marketed as a place to store either RVs or boats, Crabb assumes most of the demand will come from RV owners.

“The closest facility like this for RVs is in Southern California,” Crabb told the Bee.

Indoor storage space will rent for $130 to $200 a month, depending on the size of the rig. Outdoor storage will cost $60 to $85 a month.

Other services, including battery charging, checking and inflating tires and cleaning will be offered, said Crabb, who also manages an auto dealership in Auburn, Calif.

Crabb and his partner, Renold Victor of Tiburon, Calif., plan to open the storage business in April. They have a three-year lease on the property located along Washington Boulevard, between Blue Oaks Boulevard and Roseville Parkway.