Elkhart, Ind.-based Dicor Corp., a major, long-time supplier for the RV industry, has announced its intent to enter the marine market. Directed by its Seal Design affiliate, this expansion will bring a range of new components and aftermarket offerings to marine manufacturers and dealers, including a number of products Dicor recently introduced to the RV market.

According to a press release, Dicor’s initial product offerings include new, more durable and easier to apply sealants, deck hardware, new floor and furnishing options, and new motorized or manual Sun Screen roller shades.

“We knew when we released these products for RVs that many of them would crossover very well into marine applications,” said Gregg Fore, president of Dicor Corp. “With the economy slowly reviving, marine manufacturers are looking to upgrade their offerings to bring back customers. We thought this would be an optimum time to help them do that. It’s the next step in a number of steps we’ve taken lately to grow our business.”

“We’ve been studying the marine market for some time,” said Greg Kelly, general manager of Seal Design. “And that is one of the first things the industry needs to know about us. We do our homework. We have high standards. All our products are proven and tested before going to market. And once they are sold, we’re still around to help. We do everything we can to make sure manufacturers have a successful experience in installing the product, that dealers have a successful experience in selling it, and that consumers have a better boating experience for using it.

He added, “That means we provide a lot of ‘back door’ engineering help with things like production efficiency and inventory control as they relate to our offerings. We pride ourselves on pro-active and timely service, and in aggressively seeking out solutions for our customers. That’s been at the heart of our success for more than 25 years in the RV industry, and it will be the heart of our success with the boating community.”

Among Dicor’s marine offerings will be a number of flexible table options from the company’s Dicor Products affiliate that allow for comfortable but space-saving seating in tight cabin areas. From its United Shade affiliate, Dicor is offering some of the recent trends in window coverings for both aftermarket and manufacturer sales.

Seal Design also brings its line of automotive and residential quality sealants along with Dicor’s TPO flooring. Seal Design’s SealTite hot melt caulk replacement and Touch-N-Seal polyurethane sprayed foam system not only provide tighter, more durable seals, but also simplify and improve manufacturing application.

For more information about Dicor Corp.and its affiliated companies, visit www.dicor.com.