The recreational vehicle industry received further endorsement that RVs are resonating with consumers.
For the second straight year, USA Today asked on-line auctioneer eBay to sift through its database and determine the year’s top search items.
“RV” headed the list in 2004, besting “Louis Vuitton,” “moon,” and “gold” while supplanting “BMW” as the item with the most hits from Ebay’s cross section of buyers and sellers.
According to the national newspaper, more than 125 million people use the website and $1,060 worth of products flow through it every second, making eBay a very viable “social seismometer.”
Why were RV’s the most sought after item? USA Today surmised that an aging population is seeking comfort and is placing a premium on leisure time. And, when it comes to travel, they’re finding RVs are offering an attractive mix of luxury, freedom and convenience.
Other trends revealed by eBay’s database showed an ongoing fascination with electronic gadgets, muscle cars and outer space.
But perhaps the most disconcerting conclusion drawn from eBay’s statistics, the report said, was that people appear to be getting stranger.
For example, in 2003, the oddest item sold on eBay was a tissue used by Paul McCartney. In 2004, there was a plethora of strange and often bizarre items on both the seller and the buyer side, including a 10-year-old grilled cheese sandwich marked by scorches that seem to look like the Virgin Mary and a piece of gum chewed by Britney Spears that fetched more than $500.