The latest round of RVB videos are now accessible at the “Industry Videos” section on the RVBUSINESS.com home page. Content includes:

RVBusiness Publisher Sherman Goldenberg interviews Tim Hyland, RV Group president for Wells Fargo CDF, on the 2019 Elkhart RV Open House and the general state of the RV industry.

• Mike and Jennifer Wendland of RV Lifestyle, a consumer-focused digital media operation that produces a podcast and videos for its YouTube channel, provides a recap of the recent Elkhart RV Open House. Coverage includes new product introductions and interviews with “movers and shakers.”

• Coachmen RV unveiled a Brookstone fifth-wheel at the Elkhart RV Open House that was the result of a collaboration with the “Big Truck Big RV” (BTRB) YouTube channel. The unit has “several upgrades already baked into it,” BTBRV officials say.