The RV Learning Center, in conjunction with The Ohio State University’s Center on Education and Training for Employment, has finished its work on training and certification testing programs for RV warranty administrator personnel.
According to the Recreation Vehicle Dealers Association (RVDA), a panel of working warranty administration professionals, suppliers, distributors, dealer-owners, and manufacturers developed this curriculum, which identifies the following major job functions:
• Processing open/closed repair orders
• Processing warranty claims, parts, and payments
• Maintaining customer and manufacturer relations
• Performing administrative tasks
• Pursuing training and professional development
The RV warranty administrator program also includes access to training resources for warranty administration employees and a certification exam, including:
• The RV Warranty Administrator Learning Guide: The guide outlines basic information for RV personnel involved in warranty work. It serves as a resource directory for further information on the duties and tasks derived from the warranty administrator curriculum.
• RV Warranty Administrator Certification Exams: RV personnel have the opportunity to demonstrate their understanding of a basic body of knowledge in the crucial skills areas that help RV personnel involved in warranty work improve customer satisfaction, make the service and repair processes more efficient, and improve the dealership’s bottom line.