The Recreational Vehicle Aftermarket Association (RVVA) will be including alumni at its 2014 Executive Conference in New Orleans through a new program being developed by the Member Benefits Committee.

According to a press release, the RVAA Alumni Committee will be offering a two-day or optional three-day package to all alumni of RVAA during the conference. The program will include attending networking receptions and luncheons during the week.

RVAA said the new initiative was a springboard from the reintroduction of the Jim Barker Memorial Award presentation at the 2013 RVAA Executive Conference in Boston, Mass., last year. John Roba, Marlene Sine and others attended the 2013 conference to see the award presented to Tom Manning Jr., which spawned the idea to invite alumni to future conventions.

Roba, Sine and Larry Boyd have volunteered more time on the committee in preparation for this year’s conference in New Orleans. RVAA asks that anyone with information on an alumnus who may have an interest should forward contact information to Bob Brammer at [email protected] to have them included on the alumni mailing list.