Few topics spark more debate in a wide variety of business circles these days than the emergence of the Chinese marketplace – both as an import source for countless North American firms and as an export target for scores of U.S. and Canadian firms.

Of course, everyone’s aware of the fact that the world is quickly changing and that we now exist in a global economy in which even the most obscure products are sourced in the Pacific Rim, be it Korea, Indonesia, Taiwan or China. And that certainly goes for the merchandise delivered by a host of North American RV aftermarket parts and accessories suppliers and distributors.

U.S. RV builders, meanwhile, have been eyeballing a fledgling domestic Chinese RV market with the expectation that the Chinese RV market could well explode over the next few years. And their key U.S. trade association, the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA), has backed them up recently by establishing a Chinese office through which it’s reporting “substantial progress in the association’s efforts to facilitate the growth and development of the Chinese RV industry following a fourth trade mission to China.”

So, how does the rest of the industry feel about all this, considering that some critics suspiciously view the Chinese relationship as a one-way street in which totalitarian China typically floods our markets with subsidized products and generally comes out ahead at the expense of U.S. jobs? That’s the question of the day in our RVB/Blue Ox poll:

Are you comfortable with the recent globalization of the RV industry with regard specifically to the Chinese marketplace?

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