If the rest of the United States mirrored the political opinions of those who work daily in the American recreational vehicle industry, the presidential election would be all but over today because GOP candidate Mitt Romney lambasted incumbent Democratic Chief Executive Barack Obama in the latest round of the RVB/Blue Ox Survey by a decisive 3-1 margin.

The tally in our latest poll: 74.9% for Republican Mitt Romney (1,014 respondents), 23.8% for incumbent Democrat Barack Obama (322) and a statistically insignificant 1.3% undecided (18).

Is anyone surprised? Most in this industry, a traditionally conservative Republican business arena, considered the outcome a foregone conclusion. And they were right.

Nevertheless, we had to ask as part of our periodic survey, sponsored by Nebraska-based supplier Blue Ox and administered by RVBUSINESS.com. And the essay responses, some of which were rather passionate at times, wound up being as predictable as the survey results themselves in most cases. Here, preceded in each case by the candidate they preferred, is a sampling of those responses:

Romney: I don’t think the USA as we know it will be here if Obama is re-elected for four more years. We will be bankrupt and in the hands of another country.

Romney: We need to save the U.S. economy. It’s going down the tubes currently and our RV industry needs a change to continue with growth.

Romney: Four more years will surely be the death of us all.

Romney: Four more years with Obama will break us all.

Romney: Believe Romney has the ability to fix our economy! Also think he has the political strength and experience to move our country forward in a positive manner both domestically and internationally.

Romney: Obama is still a mystery and has shown no skill in running the country, while duping the American population. He has failed in domestic & foreign policy. Romney has extensive business experience, previous governance and is God-fearing.

Romney: Based on the past four years, the choice is clear.

Romney: Being a businessman, there is just one choice.

Romney: Clint Eastwood had it right – Obama is about effective at leadership as an empty chair!

Obama: Don’t change horses now. We have finally turned the corner on the economic mess he inherited.

Romney: He at least has a plan to move forward. “Tax the Rich” is not a plan.

Romney: I am not so much FOR Romney as much as I am against Obama and Eric Holder.

Romney: Can’t afford four more years of Obama’s inept and ineffectual cabinet and policies.

Obama: Considering what he walked into, has created growth in small businesses — read the SBA report! He prevented our Big #3 auto industry from collapsing, which would have affected so many more businesses than you know. He snagged Bin Laden.

Romney: I would cut my wrists before I would vote for the socialist Obama.

Romney: Obama’s policies are socialist, bordering on communism.

Romney: We need to get spending under control and get government out of the way of businesses. President Obama has proven he cannot do either.

Obama: Obama supports marriage equality and civil rights for all, and he helped save the auto industry.

Romney: Only choice for fiscal sanity.

Romney: Obama’s economic policy is disastrous and foreign policy nothing short of a joke!

Romney: If Obama gets in again, America is doomed. Our Constitutional Rights will disappear. More businesses will go bankrupt, because we won’t be able to afford to pay for Obamacare! The big businesses will have to raise prices even higher than they are already, because their taxes will be going up for sure. When prices keep going up, everybody will pay more, even the poor people. The only way to get out of this recession is to LOWER taxes & quit the stupid frivolous spending! Romney & the Republicans will do that!

Romney: It’s a no-brainer. If we have the chance to elect a person with experience in business, why would we want to re-elect someone that never held a real job and has done anything good for the economy?

Romney: We need someone in the White House that understands economics.

Obama: He’s done more good in 4 years than Bush in 8, and I’m not about to go back to policies that led to this recession in the first place. Republicans don’t get to block all the jobs bills and then blame unemployment on Obama!

Romney: Obama is a radical leftist and must be stopped.

Obama. Their (GOP) economic policies historically have failed – why do it again? And to be a woman and vote Republican is counter-productive. Choice is the law and should remain so! Gays should be afforded ALL rights everyone else has!

Romney. Obama’s policies have failed and we can not afford four more years of these failed policies. He has squandered our future to pay off his political debts. Obama may be well meaning, but his policies are a failure.

Romney. Another four years of Obama will make America less competitive.

Romney: 1) Romney is a capitalist. Obama is a socialist. Socialism and business do not play well together. 2) Obama is clearly not informed as to what is going on. That should speak VOLUMES! We are speaking about a superpower, not kindergarten. 3) Obama has an agenda that is not American. 4) Romney has a clear plan to cut the deficit. If he doesn’t do it, then he will not be reelected. 5) Obama has increased the deficit drastically and has no desire to change that. 6) I cannot see how our industry will survive under Obama with increases in taxes and energy costs. The economy is strong due to small business, not big government, which requires a lot of resources that take away from the bottom line of businesses, which reduces the workforce thus requiring greater taxes to fulfill the upkeep of spending. Those who choose not to work have greater benefit than those who do work that creates dependency. But I digress. Just trying to earn a buck without the government getting in my way.

Look for a new survey question shortly.