The resounding 3-1 response over the last two weeks to the first question in RVB’s All-Industry Survey, a new opinion poll sponsored by Pender, Neb.-based Blue Ox, is that the RV industry should combine its three current national trade shows — RVIA’s Louisville Show, Elkhart’s Open House Week and RVDA’s Con/Expo in Las Vegas — at a single time and site, perhaps earlier than the current Louisville Show.

Some have even suggested that the Recreation Vehicle Aftermarket Association’s (RVAA) annual Executive Conference also be rolled up into this new, consolidated one-week event in an effort to better economize attendees’ time and expenses.

In fact, cost cutting was a central theme in the survey responses, an effort on the part of RVB and supplier Blue Ox to gauge the pulse of the industry on a regular basis with regard to an array of thought-provoking questions. A summary report of the 2012 survey highlights will appear in RVB’s annual Louisville Show issue.

So, here’s Question No. 2, which is a followup to No. 1:

If the industry combines national trade shows, where, in your view, should that event be held?

• Atlanta

• Chicago

• Cleveland

• Detroit

• Indianapolis

• Nashville

• Las Vegas

• Louisville

• St. Louis

• Other (enter location in comment box)

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