The Go RVing campaign’s new creative format – the content and imagery in its widely viewed North American advertising program – has won rather sound approval from those responding to the most recent question posed in RVB’s All-Industry Survey.

In fact, 65.4% of the respondents in the survey administered by RVBusiness magazine and sponsored by Pender, Neb.-based Blue Ox gave the Go RVing Coalition’s new “lifestyle” theme for both its print and video ads an “excellent” grade, while 26.9% termed it “average” and 7.7% “sub-par.”

Here’s a few comments received regarding the newly established “Away” themed ads — developed for the coalition by The Richards Group, a Dallas-based agency – that have replaced the semi-animated “Ambassadors of Affordability” developed during the recession with the more emotion-driven appeal of outdoor panoramas and family togetherness that harkens back to the 16-year-old marketing campaign’s earliest days.

Among the more enthusiastic responses:


“Like it a lot.”

“ Much better than the past! Keep it up.”

“Much better than last year, excellent and on par with previous years.”

“This is the best set of ads produced for the campaign yet. It hits the strongest selling points of RVing that are emotional and motivating.”

“I think the ‘Away’ ads are brilliant. It creates that longing and realization in the customer’s mind that they want and need to get away. It shows how to solve that need by buying an RV. It tugs at the emotional heartstrings at a time when because of the economy people feel a need to get away. The golden years of the movies were during the Depression – why? – because people needed to get away…”

A bit more skeptical were the following industry respondents:

“Need more product information tied in with the travelogue stuff.”

“Difficult for a pleasurable ‘Away’ message campaign to penetrate a terrible economic environment. It’s hard to get consumers to focus on fun and spending when they are nervous about the present and concerned for the future.”

“Unfortunately, it appears that the Go RVing campaign continues to mostly advertise and support the towable industry. There needs to be more diversity in advertising. There are thousands of higher end motorhomes sold annually and that lifestyle is never approached. The high end products are not only for retirees, but for families and business owners as well…”

“The creative is very good, but the cost of producing the spots versus the size of the total Go RVing budget is, at best, excessive. Given the size of the RV market and the ability to target same, the industry should focus on digital and direct marketing. Spending excessively on slick creative isn’t the answer to reach the target consumer.”

“The problem is that 98% of the leads we get say DO NOT CALL. Lots of motivated people, but that doesn’t make them customers. The ads are great.”

Look for a recap of this and other survey questions in the Louisville Show issue of RVBusiness magazine, and watch for our new all-industry survey question in the next eblast, due out shortly.