Which has had the greatest impact on the RV industry — the Recession, the Government or the Internet?

Anyone involved in the RV arena during the past few years is undeniably aware of the impact outside influences have wielded on the industry. From fuel prices to the availability of credit to the use of the Internet as a sales and educational tool, the industry has had to adjust as an ever-widening range of factors have left their imprint on our business and the way we approach it.

Most of them can be traced back to three prime sources: the Great Recession, the Internet and the Government — and RVBusiness is interested in how you would rank these three in order of importance. Which — for better or worse — has had the greatest impact on the RV industry during the past few years? Which has had the least? And, just as importantly, why?

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The survey, administered by RVBusiness and sponsored by Blue Ox, a supplier of steering, towing, hitching and braking systems, features new questions every two weeks. RVB will then generate a summary report near the end of the year.