Traffic at last year's Louisville Show

Indianapolis is the favorite destination for a consolidated industry trade show if the RV sector decides to move in that direction in the future, according to RVB’s All-Industry Survey, a new opinion poll administered by RVBusiness and sponsored by Pender, Neb.-based Blue Ox.

The industry expressed its preference in the last survey round for combining its three current national trade shows — RVIA’s Louisville Show, RVDA’s Con/Expo in Las Vegas and Elkhart’s Open House Week — at a single time and site perhaps earlier than the current Louisville Show to save both time and money.

According to more than 1,000 respondents, the top choices for that combined show are Indianapolis (47.6%), Las Vegas (19.5%), “Other” (12.2%) and Louisville (9.8%). The “Other” category included everything from Palm Springs to Poughkeepsie.

“Why wouldn’t you go to a town that hosted the best Superbowl ever?” said one respondent in a typical comment.

“Although I think everyone would love to have this in Vegas, I’m not sure how conducive it would be to accomplishing business in lieu of having fun doing other things,” wrote another industry observer. “Indianapolis, on the other hand, is centrally located and, I believe, a good venue.”

Below is the next question in the 2012 RVB/Blue Ox Survey, a summary of which will appear in RVB’s annual Louisville Show issue:

Which of the following, in your opinion, has had the greatest impact — for better or for worse — on the North American recreational vehicle sector in recent years?

The Recession

The Internet

The Government

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