The next round of this year’s RVB/Blue Ox All-Industry Survey being introduced today (June 12) on RVBUSINESS.com examines the effects of the universal health care law on RV companies and its potential impact on the bottom line. The law, which has sparked controversy since Congress passed new health care legislation in 2010, is currently under review by the Supreme Court to determine if all or parts of the legislation are unconstitutional. A decision is expected in late June.

Below is the question regarding the health care reform bill:

Would the nation’s universal health care law help or hurt your business in the RV industry if it were fully enacted by the federal government?

Respond by clicking here. You can also vote, submit comments and monitor ongoing results by clicking on the survey banner on the RVBUSINESS.com home page.

The bill, championed by the Obama administration, has emerged as a lightning rod for Republicans and serves as a cornerstone in their efforts to unseat the president in the upcoming November election. In many respects, the overall impact posed by the bill is still a question mark. RVBusiness and Blue Ox anticipate a lively debate from respondents on this highly controversial and politicized issue.