A consistent theme in the North American recreational vehicle business for years now has been a desire on the part of some – especially dealers — for a more orderly new model year introduction cycle. New models today debut virtually non-stop year-round, from April to April. That’s just the way it is and, some would argue, the way it always will be.

But this haphazard and constant rollout format remains a serious concern for a lot of hard-working retailers, among others, who feel as if they’re constantly unloading dated inventory to make way for manufacturers’ new models while never knowing when – and how much – to reorder.

“You know, having an August-September time frame would make a whole lot more sense so a dealer can work through his selling season in the spring and summer,” one outspoken U.S. dealer told RVBusiness. Just like in the heyday of the auto industry, he argues, dealers would then have a real incentive to bring consumers back into the showrooms each fall at a time when manufacturers are looking to feed their production lines.

On the other hand, there’s no one organization or governing body that’s in a position to dictate these kinds of issues, and many manufacturers wouldn’t toe the line if they were told when to roll out new models, not in a dynamic, freewheeling sector like this.

So, here’s the next RVB/Blue Ox survey question:

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