In the latest round of RVB’s All-Industry Survey, we asked people to rate the relative impact of “the Recession, the Internet and the Government” on the RV sector. And it was no surprise that the recession came in first, although not to the extent that we might have guessed: 43.7% said the recession was the most impactful, while the Internet tallied 30.7% and the government 25.6%. Here’s some typical responses in a survey sponsored by Pender, Neb.-based Blue Ox and administered by RVBusiness:

On the Recession:

• “The recession has taken the potential buying customer out of the game.”

• “The recession had the greatest negative impact on the RV industry. The bubble burst, plain and simple. The recovery seems slow, but it is finally here.

• “The recession has been good and bad — bad because of the financial straits it put this country in and all the businesses that went out of business and the people who lost their jobs, and good because it forced everyone to get their house in order and eliminate waste and increase efficiency.”

On the Internet:

• “Whole new ballgame, Internet pricing lower than dealers makes it hard to stock inventory and be competitive.”

• “Manufacturer’s that support wholesale retailers on the Internet will eventually fall victim to their short term success…”

On the Government:

• “Government needs to get out of the way and let business get back to work!”

• “Be glad when we get a new President. The one we have is a joke.”

So, now we move on to All-Industry Survey Question #4, an extension of our last question in which we focus more closely on the Internet itself. Here it is:

The Internet has changed the world in more ways than we can count. But it isn’t always viewed positively due to the technical, cost, margin, sales & service issues it has created. So, do you think the Internet has been a boon or a bust for your business and the customers you serve?

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