As the Supreme Court prepares to issue a much-awaited decision on the legality of the “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act,” better known to some as “ObamaCare,” a clear majority of those responding to the latest round of the RVB/Blue Ox All-Industry Survey feels that this controversial legislation is not a good thing for their businesses.

In fact, 74.7% of the 253 respondents think universal health care would do more to “hurt” their companies versus 25.3% who think it would “help.”

A sampling of the anti-health care law comments:

• “Additional costs involved to company are excessive.”

• “Can you name anything that the government runs right? Just look at Social Security!”

• “Free markets among all states, along with health reimbursement accounts, will be the future.”

• “I already provide my employees with 100% health coverage.”

• “If the government is allowed to do this, what do you think they will do next?”

• “We do not need the federal government operating any business that is best served by private industry. With a few modifications to the existing insurance laws, we could create a more competitive environment that would drive the cost down for every business in America today.”

• “It’s too expensive. We can’t cover the cost of health care for everyone in this country. The quality of health care will go down due to the sheer number of people. Going to the doctor will be like waiting in line at the DMV, and the quality is just poor.”

Among the new law’s supporters:

• In the long run, it would lower the cost of medical insurance, which is now out of control.”

• “Our health care system is broken and we are falling behind the other advanced nations. Universal health care is a moral and economic imperative. Insurance companies’ profits are going up as fast as everyone else’s costs!”

• “Fewer sick days, lower absenteeism, quicker return to work with proper health care, increased longevity (because of healthier staff) means lower turnover, lower training costs, better quality… The list goes on, but when everything is taken into consideration, making health care available to everyone can only be a positive influence on this, and any, industry.”

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