It’s probably no surprise to veteran RV industry observers that support for President George W. Bush within the ranks of the RV industry is very strong. According to the latest RVBUSINESS.com Poll, in fact, preference for Bush in November exceeds 85% of our website’s respondents.
Conversely, only 13% of poll respondents said Massachusetts Senator John Kerry should be elected to the nation’s highest office. Independent Ralph Nader mustered barely 1%.
Asked to explain their viewpoints, poll participants were outspoken and opinionated, overwhelmingly in favor of Bush’s handling of the economy, national security and the war against terrorism. Many felt that Bush, policywise, would be a better friend to the RV industry.
“Not only for the RV business, (but for) the economy as a whole, George Bush is the best candidate and should be re-elected,” one survey respondent wrote. “The proposed policies Senator Kerry has discussed along with higher CAFE standards could undermine the strong growth we have seen the past few years.”
“Only through strong leadership can you build a strong economy,” another Bush supporter wrote. “A strong economy begets expendable income, and thus RV budgets are born.”
“The Democrats want to burden the businessman with more taxes and lawsuits,” yet another respondent wrote. “It is hard enough to make a profit in today’s market. We don’t need more burdens. Bush is more in touch with business.”
Several of those e-mailing their opinions in response to July’s RVBUSINESS.com poll see a strong correlation between national security, consumer confidence and RV spending. “We have often seen in this industry that if Americans feel insecure, they do not buy RVs,” one individual told us. “Polls show people feel more secure with Bush than with Kerry, and Kerry’s flip-flops on the Iraq war and the Patriot Act are reinforcing this fact.”
There was a sense among some that Kerry’s policies could also hurt sales of RVs overseas or, at the least, impair access to price-competitive, outsourced, component parts.
“Although Bush is not ideologically pure on trade issues, Kerry’s policies on trade would be a disaster for our industry,” maintains one website visitor. “Free trade is essential for the RV industry. Even a modest increase in tariffs and trade costs would have a devastating effect on RV sales.”
Kerry, meanwhile, has at least a few friends in the RV industry.
“Too much support for high end (wealthy) tax cuts, as we have seen pushed by the current administration, will exasperate disparity of wealth,” said one Democratic partisan. “This may promote high-end diesel Class A sales, but will hamper entry-level demand. RV buyers start low and grow into larger, more expensive units. We need more consumers with the ability to enter the market, and thus continue to upgrade through life.”
“Bush is a puppet of the oil industry and will do whatever is necessary to keep oil prices high,” adds another. “Further, his (principal) objective is to maintain the separation of the upper class people from middle and low-income people. These are the people for the most part who buy RVs in volume.”
“I think George Bush is the worst President in long memory,” a Kerry supporter wrote. “His foreign policies (or lack thereof) have Americans at their lowest level ever in the eyes of the world. His economic policies are anything but conservative, with record deficits in reasonably good economic times. His environmental policies are devastating to our environment and the welfare of future generations.”