The online edition of RVBusiness can be accessed by clicking the cover image or “Digital Edition” link in the toolbar.

As RVBusiness magazine approaches its first full year as a free-standing RV industry trade journal under the ownership of G&G Media Group LLC, the Elkhart, Ind.-based publishing company has introduced a new user-friendly format for its digital edition that makes on-screen viewing of each issue a more comfortable, interactive experience.

Call it RVBusiness version 2.0.

“We’ve been working hard to make the magazine itself more compelling, while at the same time increasing the ease with which it can be viewed online,” said RVB Publisher Sherman Goldenberg. “Our new digital format — which allows the magazine to be viewed not only on desktop and laptop computers but also on mobile devices like iPods and ‘smart’ phones — provides for greater accessibility and an extremely friendly interface.”

The magazine enlisted the services of respected remote-host company Mozaic in creating the easily navigable “flip book” publication, which went online effective with the January/February 2012 issue. Unlike earlier editions, the new format doesn’t require readers to download the publication onto their desktops and loads almost immediately for browsing. And, while traditional “paddles” at the edge of each page (and the top of each spread) provide for fast scanning, features included in the top toolbar provide for more detailed viewing options and customizable settings.

Other toolbar features:

A search engine. Type a name or phrase into the “Search” space, and all pages containing that word will appear with an accompanying text box showing the name/phrase highlighted for easy reference.

Click on “Pages” and a gallery of the entire magazine is presented in a thumbnail view, allowing you to scan the entire magazine and click on a specific story without having to scroll through the preceding pages.

The “Contents” icon, when activated, presents viewers not only with a list of articles typically seen in the magazine but also lists every headlined item in the publication, from minor news articles to story sidebars — and provides direct links to each. An accompanying “Links & Ads” icon details every website link and advertisement in the publication.

A “Share” icon, which allows readers to send the page(s) being viewed to friends and associates via Email and Social Networks.

The “Pages” tool within the digital edition presents viewers with a thumbnail gallery of the entire issue.

Additionally, there are “Zoom” functions to enlarge the page for easy reading, a “Print” button that provides for printing of only the specific pages you are viewing, and a “Settings” button that allows readers to fine-tune viewing.

“The new format is a major improvement in advancing our online publishing presence,” Goldenberg added. “While we have a number of other upgrades planned both for the magazine and RVBUSINESS.com, the new software enables readers to quickly access and easily read our digital edition from just about anywhere — and in today’s ‘Internet Age,’ on-demand accessibility is what it’s all about.”

The online edition of RVBusiness can be viewed by going to the RVBUSINESS.com website and clicking on either the January/February cover image or the “Digital Edition” link on the toolbar below the RVBusiness logo. The toolbar also contains a “Subscriptions” link that will allow future editions to be emailed directly to subscribers.