RVDA logoEditor’s Note:  Ronnie Hepp, vice president for administration for the Recreation Vehicle Dealers Association (RVDA), recently sent this appeal out to RVDA members on behalf of the RVDA Education Foundation.

Okay – I’m going to pass the plate, and I’m going to ask you to put a hefty donation into the plate. But, I’m not going to do this without answering your first thought to this bold gesture – A What’s in it for you? Well, let me ask you – Which dealers do you want to be selling your products and services to – and how successful do you want them to be in getting your products and services in front of their customers? The dealers and their personnel who take advantage of the education and certification programs that the RVDA Education Foundation’s RV Learning Center has to offer are the best ones to be helping you. Are you partners with these dealers? Do you want to be? Click here!

We just did a quick study to try and learn the effectiveness of the Technician Certification Prep Online Course that is available exclusively through the RVDA Education Foundation – and we found that 79% of RV technicians who completed this course passed the RVDA-RVIA Technician Certification test, compared to 61% of technicians who did not use this course to prepare for the test. That’s incredible testimony!

We’ve got learning guides to help service advisors, service managers, parts managers and specialists, and warranty administrators study for their certifications. So far we have:

  • 362 certified service advisors from 126 dealerships.
  • 124 certified service managers from 100 dealerships.
  • 18 certified parts managers from 16 dealerships.
  • 130 certified parts specialists from 78 dealerships.
  • 143 certified warranty administrators from 114 dealerships.

Dealers who value continued education and training for all of their personnel are the ones whose professionalism shows. Did you know that all dealerships who employ certified personnel are identified right on the website – so You and the Consumers who visit the site will know who the best dealers are?

These programs don’t come without a price. We need to continually maintain and improve them in order to keep them fresh and valuable … and that takes support in the form of dollars, moolah, cash, dinero, capital, money … call it what you will.

It’s also no secret that the RV industry has taken a big hit in the downturn of the economy. You may think what nerve asking me for money at a time like this,and you may be right. But when I think about the positive changes the foundation has brought to the lives of so many people, and can bring to your company, I find it worth the risk that you may think badly of me.

Here’s the plate. Please make a healthy donation to support your industry. There’s a tax deduction in it for you, too!