Dealers and GMs attending the RV Dealers International Convention/Expo, running Oct. 1-5 in Las Vegas, can choose among a host of skill-building track workshops. According to a press release, the sessions are designed to “empower attendees to determine what drives their sales force, how to put accountability front and center in the dealership and ways to hire only the best employees.”

This year’s theme is “The Road to Opportunity,” and the Dealer/GM Track boasts expert speakers, relevant topics and a focus on the unique role and goals of dealers and general managers in our industry.

Programs include:

• “Unique Personality Drivers Your Salespeople Should Have” will have far-reaching impacts on a dealership’s future sales and the strength of its sales force. A new face at this year’s RVDA Convention/Expo, Ricardo Roman of Caliper will help dealers and GMs learn to identify, retain and hire top performers in the field of sales, based on proven indicators. Participants will take home a new skill set and outlook with the tools to make the most of their sales team. This session is set for Oct. 4.

• “A Brave New World: Strategies for Moving Your Business Forward” will look at shifting demographics and improvements in the housing and financial markets. Immediately following the Wednesday’s opening general session, economist Peter Ricchiuti will offer attendees a look at the likely economic landscape and how best to position themselves for both the potholes and opportunities facing the industry.

• “How to Install and Maintain Accountability to Get the Best Out of Your Team” will show why accountability at all levels is the key to upholding standards and roles within an organization, and how you can put it to work for your team. This session will be held on Oct. 3-4, and will take on the roots of accountability — what it is and why it’s important. Presenter Michael Rees from A World of Learning will guide dealers and general managers through the reasons to hold people accountable and, importantly, what to hold them accountable to.

• “A Proven Method for Successful Hiring,” a session featuring David Spader of Spader Business Management, will demonstrate how the right skills and tools can transform a dealership’s hiring process and the dealership itself. Set for Oct. 3, this workshop will guide attendees through proven methods of interviewing, including ‘the dirty dozen’ of interviewing errors. Spader will talk habout companies that have increased their hiring success rate fourfold. Participants will leave with relevant information, newly learned skills and the motivation necessary to fundamentally revamp hiring practices and build successful teams.

• Post-recession look at the “10 Secrets to Dealership Financial Success” will cover the fallout from the last few years and demonstrate how some of the best business practices are developed in the toughest of times. Stephan King of Stephan King PC will share expertise gained through years in the business world and revisit the “10 Secrets to Dealership Financial Success” that were introduced to RVDA in 2006. Do the secrets still ring as true today as they did in 2006? Find out what your business has in common with some of the best in the industry. This session will take place on Oct. 4.

• “Mirror, Mirror On My Wall, Who Will Run My Dealership After All?” will show how effective leadership was instrumental in navigating the deepest economic downturn since the Great Depression, but still left dealers unsure about the future of their companies. Somehow other dealers are taking 1-2 week vacations several times a year and have strong-performing businesses. John Spader of Spader Business Management will offer a self-assessment and a look at your team to help determine how to take a well-deserved vacation without headaches and worries and come back to a business that is humming along. This session will take place on Oct. 4.

For more information on the convention contact RVDA at (703) 591-7130 or send an e-mail to [email protected] To register and for more information on the Convention/Expo, visit www.rvda.org.