The leaders of the Recreation Vehicle Dealers Association (RVDA) are urging association members and all Americans to return to normal activity as soon as is practical, and they said the organization’s annual convention will go ahead as planned.

Here is the statement from RVDA Chairman Ernie Friesen and President Mike Molino:

“As Americans and as members of an industry that relies on a healthy economy and freedom of movement for its success, it makes sense for us to do all we can do to get the country back to as close to ‘normal’ as quickly as we can.

“The best memorial we can provide the victims and the biggest defeat we can provide the living and dead perpetrators is the resolve that cowardly acts, even those done in the name of religion, cannot weaken the spirit or limit the freedom of the American people.

“Continue praying for the victims, giving blood, and making financial donations to the recovery effort. But, let’s also do whatever we can to restore public confidence in our system and get the country operating again.

“Let’s not condone or contribute to cowering and giving comfort to the vile people who planned this attack by allowing them to disrupt our lives for any more time than is absolutely necessary. Let’s act like the industry and community leaders we are and set examples of how business people in a free enterprise system can help move America forward!

“Please share with us what you are doing to help restore America’s confidence.”

The RVDA’s annual convention, called Con/Expo, will go ahead as planned Sept. 23-25 in Las Vegas as the Rio All-Suite Casino Resort, according to Phil Ingrassia, spokesman for the association.