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The Recreation Vehicle Dealers Association (RVDA) of Canada’s national Education and HR Committee has developed a two-part webinar series with Diversity Trainers Plus on the changing face of the RV industry clientele and the new ethnic consumer.

According to a report in RVDA of Canada’s latest e-bulletin, the first webinar examines immigration trends and the opportunities available outside of your current European-centric RV clientele base. The second webinar explores four strategies on how to prepare to do business with the new ethnic consumer.

The webinar recordings are available at the “RV Careers & Education / Webinars” link on the member side of www.rvda.ca.

Self-reflection exercises can be found throughout the two-part webinar series. Participants can stop the webinar at any time and write down the responses to the exercises given and resume watching once they have completed the exercise. Worksheets are also provided.

The webinars will include:

Webinar 1: How Immigration is Changing the RV Client Base – and What that Means for the Industry

Webinar at a Glance

• Presenter: Maureen Brown

• Why this webinar?

• How awareness and value of diversity relates to RVDA Canada

• How you can use this information to advance your business


• Your Customer Today

• Canada, Land of Opportunity: European Ethnic Consumers

• Canada, Land of Opportunity: The New Ethnic Consumer (NEC)

• The New Ethnic Consumer: Not Just in Urban Centers Anymore

• Preparing for the New Ethnic Consumer: What Should You do?

Webinar 2: Four Strategies that Prepare You to do Business with the New Ethnic Consumer

• Strategy #1: Re-Think your Present Customer Service Approach

• Strategy #2: Train Your Staff in Cultural Competence

• Strategy #3: Hire from New Ethnic Consumer Communities

• Strategy #4: Get on the NEC Community Radar