The RV Dealers Association (RVDA) of Canada launched a new “Buy Local” campaign designed to encourage Canadians to buy recreation vehicles from dealers in that country.

According to a press release, RVDA of Canada identified several major benefits to buying local, including:

• Purchase a new RV from a dealer in Canada and enjoy a full manufacturer’s warranty at no additional cost.

• Most Canadian RV dealers belong to the RVDA, which has a strict and professional code of conduct. Canadian RV dealers offer a wide selection to help customers find one that best suits their needs and those of their family.

• New RVs shipped to Canadian dealers are built to meet applicable (provincial and federal) RV standards and regulations. RVs receive a full inspection before it’s delivered at no extra cost.

• There are no hidden purchase costs as all delivery costs including: freight, tariffs and duties are included in the price.

• Canadian RV dealers can help arrange financing that offer low monthly payments with amortizations up to 20 years.

• RVDA dealers not only offer great value on a new RV, but also help consumers save on after sale parts and service.

• A qualified RV technician or professional RV salesperson can give you a full orientation of your new RV. Trade-ins are also welcome at Canadian RV dealers.

• Local RV dealers actively support community programs.

For more information and to get the Buy Local merchandising materials, dealers can call RVDA of Canada at (604) 718-6325, e-mail [email protected] or visit www.buylocal.ca.