The Recreation Vehicle Dealers Association (RVDA) of Canada announced that it has formed a new endorsement partnership with ReachLocal Canada Inc.

According to a press release ReachLocal is a global company offering online marketing and advertising solutions for small, medium, and large businesses, and advertising to consumers in local markets. It provides Internet and mobile Internet marketing solutions to business clients. 

ReachLocal has won the Google Quality Account Champion Award in North America three times since 2013 and in Latin America in 2015. The award highlights ReachLocal’s best-in-class digital search advertising technology among Google’s Premier SMB Partners. ReachLocal has also won the Google Innovator Award for its ReachEdge software and ReachCode tracking technology. The award highlights the Premier SMB Partner who has delivered outstanding technology innovations in their digital advertising solutions.

ReachLocal will assist dealers in getting more leads and building their brand by advertising to local consumers as they use search engines, surf top sites on the web, and spend time on social media sites. From search engine to display to social media advertising, their solutions will get dealers real results. With ReachLocal, dealers can have all of their digital marketing under one roof, backed by a team of industry experts.

“Reaching more customers online today is essential for our members. ReachLocal’s digital marketing system offers all the solutions to make sure that we do this successfully,” stated Jean-François Lussier, RVDA of Canada Chairman. “This is a very timely program as dealers need assistance in this area. I encourage all of our members to explore ReachLocal’s marketing solutions.”

“We are excited to work in such a dynamically growing industry and to support dealers looking for ways to connect to consumers online,” said Peter Aragon, director and country manager of sales for ReachLocal in Canada. “ReachLocal is well positioned and experienced in the RV dealership industry, and we are able to offer best in class solutions and service to drive growth for the RVDA members. We are thrilled to be selected as the RVDA Endorsed exclusive online marketing agency, and we look forward to reaching out to each and every dealer to review how they can leverage our products and services to grow their bottom line.”