The Recreation Vehicle Dealers Association (RVDA) of Canada will deliver its Halifax Parts Workshop on Oct. 30, offering attendees a full seven-hour day of training beginning at 9 a.m. and ending at 4 p.m.

The workshop, held at the Four Points Sheraton, will focus on the art and science of selling and teaching attendees how to systematically choose what to sell, and what to display. According to organizers, the course aims to teach students to “rebrand, reposition, rethink, repackage, and retrain.”

“The goal of the workshop is to educate parts professionals with a complete up-selling process, starting with finding and interpreting the right market data,” Program Coordinator Anita Lien explained. “We will also cover the dynamics of understanding their customer base, marketing specifically to the different demographics, using the right tools, and realizing ways to maximize profit on each and every sale.

In addition, attendees will learn the right ways to display products and how to avoid expensive mistakes, along with managing customer expectations and building and improving inter-department communications. “Having the right parts is just one component to a profitable parts department,” Lien said.

The program is designed to further educate students and business owners on how to efficiently market their product. It will teach the “must-haves” for product selling as well as how to anticipate customer wants and interests. The marketing portion of the course focuses on targeting whom dealers are selling to, while also delving into the tools and resources each individual company needs to be successful.

The course also teaches about departmental communication and how to work with sales, F&I, and service people. The session will offer hands-on, breakout talks to discuss current or future ideas for dealers and advice on how to avoid making them.

Lien stated, “Through this workshop, we hope to highlight parts-selling as a highly specialized trade. There are numerous aftermarket products and the parts professional needs to be keenly aware of not only what is currently available but also what’s in R&D, in beta testing, in production and on the shelf now. While price points are important, it is not always the only determining factor on the purchasing decision.”

Registration for the Halifax Parts Workshop is open until Oct. 7, however classes are limited to 15 students per class to ensure personalization. Prices, a registration form, and further information are provided on the RBDAC Halifax Parts Workshop information page.