A strong slate of workshop presenters and speakers are scheduled for the 2005 Recreation Vehicle Dealers Association International Convention/Expo at the Rio All Suite Casino Resort in Las Vegas, Sept. 27-30.
The following offers an agenda for speakers and subject matters during the conference:
* Sept. 27: Donald Cooper, “Human Marketing…Four Powerful Steps to Creating a Customer-Focused Organization.” This workshop delivers the “straight goods” on your most pressing marketing challenges.
* Sept. 27: Richard Flint, “The Art of Bringing the Customer Back.” The workshop covers eight specific techniques to bring the customer back, what a positive experience with the customer really means, and the difference between customer service and customer satisfaction.
* Sept. 27: Joe Verde, “Management vs. Market Driven-Changes You Can Make Right Now to Manage Your Growth.” Verde outlines 10 critical areas where the sales department can take a dealership from being driven by the market to a business driven by managers leading to continuous growth in unit sales and net profit.
* Sept. 28: Paul Cummings, “Selling the RV Dream.” Selling a dream product requires a different approach that focuses on the customer in a special way. Cummings provides practical applications to increase customer retention and referrals, resulting in dealership growth.
* Sept. 28: Mike Henning, “Out-Thinking the Competition: Strategic Business Planning and Thinking.” Learn how to create an orderly environment that will help employees channel intuition and flexibility so that everyone in the organization pulls in the same direction.
* Sept. 28: Moderator Jim Carr conducts an RV technician training mentor workshop.
* Sept. 27-29: “RV Parts Personnel Training: Critical Skills for Success.” The program will focus on duties essential to successful parts department operations. Developed b y the RV parts professionals in conjunction with The Ohio State University, this series of workshops will cover: parts inventory management, merchandising, marketing, and managing customer relations.
* Sept. 29: “RV Service Advisor Training: Practical Skills for Building Customer Loyalty.” Based on the RV learning Center’s curriculum for the RV service advisor, instructors Chester Burgess and Gary Motley will provide a comprehensive series of workshops that cover customer service, sales, and light technical skills critical for today’s service operations professionals. The workshops are excellent preparation for employees interested in the RV Service Advisor certification program.
Dealership employees who register for the convention before July 27 can save $330 off the first registration and $385 off additional registrations. For registration options, exhibitor information, and schedule updates, visit www.rvda.org, send an e-mail to [email protected], or call (703) 591-7130.