The Recreation Vehicle Dealers Association (RVDA) board, meeting this week in Las Vegas, approved pushing the start date of the annual audit from August to October for the next three years for a 10% cost savings, RVDA chairman Larry Troutt, announced during the annual meeting.

RVDA’s auditor, LarsonAllen, will begin the audit process after this week’s convention and complete it in time for presentation at the board meeting in Louisville in December, Troutt said.

“As you must recognize by now, our financial position continues to reflect the overall industry economic condition,” Troutt said. “However, your association leaders have been planning for lean times for several years by saving, investing, cutting expenses and trying to develop new resources for income.

“Your board of directors voted to provide RVDA service, RV Learning Center educational programs and the necessary funds for both of them, even if we have to borrow from surpluses of previous years. Your board of directors monitors association finances very carefully, and we will adjust our strategy if necessary.”

For more information on association finances, Troutt encouraged RVDA members to see Ronnie Hepp, vice president for administration.

In the interest of financial transparency, RVDA uses an Audit & Finance Oversight Committee, headed by treasurer Andy Heck.