The Recreation Vehicle Dealers Association (RVDA) Board touched the hot-button issue of out-of-state dealers selling at RV rallies by approving a position paper which, among other things, states it “supports enforcement of all state and local laws governing rally participation by dealers and manufacturers.”
The position paper was approved by the RVDA board on Tuesday (Sept. 30) during its international convention in Las Vegas, which concludes today (Oct. 3)
The controversy came to a this past summer at the Family Motor Coach Association (FMCA) convention near Buffalo, N.Y., when some Western New York dealers complained about dealers from as far away as the West Coast wanting to sell units at the rally.
The Buffalo area dealers were able to persuade New York state officials to enforce the regulation requiring out-of-state dealers to consign their units to licensed New York dealers before they could be sold at the FMCA event.
In its position paper, the RVDA board stated that it recognizes “manufacturers have a right to have their products displayed at rallies as long as their participation does not violate contractual arrangements.”
However, the RVDA also “supports efforts to ensure state and local laws governing rallies are fair to dealers, manufacturers and consumers” and “encourages dealer-manufacturer agreements that include a mutually agreed upon primary market area.”
Additionally, the RVDA “expects manufacturer and dealer compliance with dealer-manufacturer agreements” and “encourages stakeholders to inform consumers of the benefits of buying from their local dealers, who can provide quality service when and where they need it.”
The RVDA supports the concept of dealers having specified market territories because “a major contributing factor for the satisfaction of the RV lifestyle is a good relationship between the RV owner and their local dealer who has an ongoing interest in the welfare of the RV customer.”