Increasing new RV sales 5% per year, in terms of units, is one of the goals listed in the Recreation Vehicle Dealers Association’s (RVDA) Strategic Plan, which was adopted last month.
The RVDA Board’s decision to list improving new unit sales came shortly after the University of Michigan (UofM) issued a report showing that the sales of used RVs, particularly those sold between individuals, is a serious competitor against new unit sales.
The UofM study, sponsored by the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA), found that of the 6.9 million American households currently owning an RV, 32% of them were bought a new unit, 14% purchased a used unit from an RV dealer, and 54% bought a used unit from an individual.
The UofM survey of the RV market was conducted during the first half of last year, and it also found that the typical used RV was 10 years old at the time it is purchased.
In addition to increasing new unit sales, the RVDA strategic plan has five other goals and they are as follows:
— Professionalize the RV dealer body by educating dealers and their employees to understand and adopt total customer satisfaction as a key to their success and profitability.
— Dynamically lead industry partnering.
— Protect the industry, including the ability of member dealers to conduct business profitably and to enhance dealership value.
— Develop and implement the financial resources necessary to reach the RVDA’s vision.
— To help dealers and industry partners maximize the benefits of communication technology.
Details of the RVDA strategic plan can be found on the dealer association’s website, www.rvda.org, under “Industry News.”