Bruce Bentz, principle of Capital RV Center in Bismark, N.D., and chairman of the Recreation Vehicle Dealers Association (RVDA) Board the last 12 months, said on Thursday (Oct. 2) he believes dealer/manufacturer relations are improving.
Bentz passed the RVDA leadership gavel on Thursday to Marty Shea, owner of Madison RV Center in Huntsville, Ala.
“In my view, dealer-manufacturer relations are improving in many areas,” Bentz said during the RVDA’s annual Convention/Expo in Las Vegas.
“We need to continue our efforts to streamline electronic communications between dealers, manufacturers and suppliers,” Bentz said. “We need to keep our eye on the ball on this issue because success will improve efficiency of operations, communications and customer satisfaction. We’ve made some great progress. Dealers, manufactures, suppliers, RV parks and campgrounds, state associations and other industry stakeholders are enjoying the benefits of working together as partners. The Go RVing campaign is just one example of what we can accomplish when we all row in the same direction.
“This year’s launch of the RVDA Education Foundation’s RV Learning Center is an ambitious project. We soon will have a central location to organize the massive amount of dealership information available in the industry. The RV Learning Center will be the catalyst for new and innovative ways to operate RV dealerships, share proven methods and practices and encourage the highest professional standards for all RV dealers. We all need to support this worthy effort.
”Another key sign of progress is the increased investment I see our members making in their business and in their communities. In market after market, individual dealers are expanding their sales and service capacity, improving customer service and making a huge commitment to the future of the RV industry.”
Shea, who will serve as RVDA board chairman the next 12 months, said, “There will be more changes in the RV business, some will be for the better, as we see advancements in products, technology, and dealer management systems that will help our dealerships prosper and allow us to serve our customers better.
“Other changes may beyond our direct control, but hopefully our involvement in RVDA will help us respond to whatever challenges come our way. I look forward to the next 12 months of working with you and for you as RVDA chairman of the board. I firmly believe that dealers can be and will be a positive force for change in this industry, while providing our customers with an RVing experience.”