A new service called RVData.com went into operation last Thursday (March 6) with the goal of making it easier for RV dealers to download information about new and used units in their inventory onto several RV classified advertising websites.
For monthly fees starting at $39.95, a dealer can upload, through RVData.com, photos and text about a motorhome or towable RV in their inventory to up to three classified websites.
The classified websites now available to RVdata.com customers are: RVTraderOnline.com, RVclassified.com, MoreRVs.com, SellRV.com, RVUSA.com, RVAmerica.com and RVSales.com.
RVTrader.com will be added in about a week and RVSEARCH.com will be added around April 1, said Allan Day, president of RVData.com.
Dealers can load their own photos of units in their inventory or they could use generic photos of a particular brand and model year that RVData.com has available, Day said. Dealers in the North might decide to use a generic photo instead of, for example, their own photo of a motorhome that is covered with snow, he added.
RVData.com also has detailed information about the various brands dealers can modify for use as text for their ads, Day said.
Currently, 18 RV dealers are customers of RVData.com, including North Trail RV of Fort Myers, Fla.
“In the past, we were selective with the number of units placed on classified sites because writing descriptions and posting photos was labor intensive and required different procedures at each web portal,” said Tim Lowry, North Trail RV’s communications manager. “RVData saves time and showcases our entire inventory, making us more productive and profitable.”
Dealers can, through RVData.com, easily delete from the classified websites the units that they have sold so their sales staff will not waste time answering questions about units that already have been sold, Day said.
“It’s important for the dealer’s inventory to be detailed and accurate when you consider time-zone differences and vehicle specification requirements for national and international buyers,” Day said. “With 62% of RV buyers shopping on the Internet, RVData helps position every dealer as an equal player.”
RVData.com is for dealers only and it does not display ads on its site, www.rvdata.com, for viewing by consumers, Day said.
RVData.com also does not show favoritism towards any of the RV classified sites, he said.