David Bott and his "quadcopter," as it hovers over the recent FMCA rally in Indianapolis.

Editor’s Note: The following column by Chuck Woodbury first appeared on www.rvtravel.com. Go there to see two short videos about an RVer and his pasttime.

David Bott sure seems like one happy guy. He travels in a 43-foot Tour Master motorcoach with his wife Brenda (a RVtravel subscriber), four friendly cats, a wall-mounted stuffed toy moose named Earl, and a flying robot that so far remains nameless. I met David and Brenda at the Family Motor Coach Association’s just-concluded rally in Indianapolis.

David is an amazing guy. He suffered a stroke five years ago at 40. At the time he owned and operated several popular online forums. If anything led to the stroke, says Brenda, it was the stress. Luckily for David, the couple lived five minutes from a hospital; David received immediate care and recovered quickly. After the stroke, they decided life was too short not to enjoy it fully. Before long, they hit the road in their motorhome. David still operates several online forums (he sold one), but he and Brenda say they pretty much run themselves.

LESS THAN A MONTH AGO, David acquired a 4.5-pound, custom made “quadcopter.” It’s the coolest device I can recall since my Marx electric train set when I was 5. It flies up and down, lands like a Mars Rover (well, sorta like one), and can zoom across the sky for up to 10 minutes at 45 miles per hour, up to 400 feet high (FAA legal limit). At the FMCA rally, David snapped aerial photos and recorded videos of the sea of motorhomes gathered at the Indiana State Fairgrounds. The police showed up early on to investigate, wondering what David and his UFO were up to. They left smiling.

Wearing a pair of special goggles, David can see just what the X650 Quadcopter sees with its tiny GoPro camera. It can venture a half mile away. The device is controlled by a sophisticated computer. It’s not crash-proof, but it is crash resistant. For example, if it loses a signal from David’s hand controller, it will hover where it is, wait a few seconds and then raise up a bit to reestablish a connection. If unsuccessful, using GPS, it will return and land where it took off.

David and Brenda’s goal is to travel North America in the motorhome and shoot aerial photos and videos as they go. Coming soon: Alaska.

Because of federal regulations, David can’t fly his small aircraft for commercial purposes (such as selling aerial photographs and video). But what he can do is post them to his blog at www.OutsideOurBubble.com. I will let you know about some of his most interesting ones when he posts them. Those from Alaska should be stunning!