Millions of television viewers, who make NASCAR one of the biggest U.S. spectator sports, are used to seeing exciting racecars, charismatic drivers and beautiful scenic vistas during the biannual race weekends. But they seldom get to see, much less experience, what the attendees in recreational vehicles do.

As reported by Examiner.com, it is appropriate to examine this unique form of recreation CampingWorld.Com Weekend during the Phoenix International Raceway (PIR) in Avondale, Arizona, which ran March 13-15.

CampingWorld.Com is the website for the nation’s top RV retailer. It offers access to a huge number of camping and RV accessories and services. In 2009, Camping World entered the haughty world of NASCAR advertising by becoming the title sponsor for the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series. This year, Camping World upped the ante by becoming presenting sponsor for the CampingWorld.Com 500, the sold-out spring highlight of PIR.

The weekend at PIR (a.k.a., Zoomtown, USA) resembles a giant tailgate party. Travelers from all over the U.S. root for their favorite drivers and party for days. It is the perfect setting for RV lovers. PIR rents space at prices from $100 to thousands of dollars. Visitors can bring friends and family for a fraction of what they might spend on hotels. They can enjoy the races either from seats in the stands or from chairs set on the top of their vehicles, drink as much as they want their own or concessionaires’ liquor, play their favorite music or play cards, and not have to drive home.

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