A caravan of more than 30 motorhomes and towable RVs was not exactly given the red carpet treatment in San Antonio, Tex., earlier this month, according to KSAT.com, a service of TV station KSAT.
RV enthusiasts from around the country began arriving in San Antonio on Oct. 19 and they parked their rigs on the lot of the Moose Lodge on Highland Boulevard in the Texas city, the TV station reported.
However, some neighbors complained to their city councilman, who contacted the Code Compliance office, who ordered the RVers to move within an hour because they were violation the parking ordinance.
Last Thursday (Oct. 23), the city councilman, Ron Segovia, said the Moose Lodge neighbors told him “they had seen one travel trailer parked. Next day, they saw a couple. All of a sudden, within a week’s time, you’ve got 50 out there. If it would have been in your neighborhood, you would be just as concerned.”
But after meeting with the angry RVers, many of whom were from as far away as Kansas, Colorado and Tennessee, Segovia agreed to let them stay until noon Saturday (Oct. 25).
The TV station did not report whether the RV caravan was organized by a tour company or RVers’ club. But it quoted “tour operator” Deannie Benge as saying, “San Antonio is gonna loose some bucks because we have to be out of here by noon on Saturday. Now, we gotta figure out some other place to go. This is no way to treat people.”