The possibility of having to pay hundreds of dollars for gas won’t stop RVers from getting behind the wheel this summer, according to a recent survey of RVers conducted through Cummins Inc.’s Funroads.com RV lifestyle-oriented website.
Despite rising gas costs, 91% of RVers responding to the survey are still planning to take their scheduled summer RV trips.
While 46% of those surveyed are planning to scale back their trips somewhat by sticking to touring the states immediately around their home states, another 45% said that gas prices would have to hit $10 per gallon before they would consider altering their RVing plans.
The national average price for gasoline now is a little over $2 a gallon, and with RV fuel tanks often ranging in capacity from 50 to 150 gallons, depending on the type of RV, RVers planning to use their vehicles this summer can expect to pay $100 to $300 per fuel station visit to fill up their RVs.
“This really shows just how passionately RVers are about their lifestyle,” said Richard Coon, director of RV business at Cummins’ Onan subsidiary, which supplies electric power generators to the RV industry. “With an estimated 30 million American RV enthusiasts out there, that’s a lot of folks who will still be hitting the roads this summer.”
The survey also found that RVers are as passionate about their country as they are about the RV lifestyle.
When asked how RVers typically like to decorate their RV to show off their personality, nearly 60% of those surveyed said that they simply flew the American flag. Thirteen percent said that they had personalized licenses plates on their RVs and only 9% had murals painted on their RVs. Another 18% said they used all of these decoration methods and maybe a little bit more.
In keeping with the patriotic theme, 94% of RVers said they planned this November in the presidential election, with 30% of them planning to vote by absentee ballot while on RV trips.
As for whom RVers are planning to vote for in that election, 60% are planning to keep President Bush in the White House and 24% are planning to vote for presumed Democratic Presidential Nominee John Kerry. Independent Party candidate Ralph Nader can expect to get 3% of the survey respondents’ votes and 12% said they would vote for someone other than Bush, Kerry or Nader.
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