RV enthusiasts from across the country have returned to Moore County in the Sandhills area of North Carolina to assist with construction of the group’s fifth Habitat House, according to a report in The Pilot.
Formerly, the build was a prelude to an annual Family Motor Coach Association (FMCA) rally in nearby Fayetteville. But this year, the RV contingent showed up on its own accord.
“This particular Habitat build is not sponsored by the FMCA, as it was in the past,” said Bob Ireland, an RVer who has returned for the fourth year. “We had always come here because of an FMCA Gear Rally in Fayetteville after the build. This year that rally is in Delaware.”
“Many of us liked Moore County and its active (Habitat) affiliate so well that we decided to come build on our own and call ourselves Friends of Habitat,” said Kari Laubham, a full-time RVer who returned for the third year.
This year, 13 couples volunteered for two weeks to build a home for Lisa Gold and her 18-month-old daughter.
“This group is so experienced in building Habitat homes, that Lisa’s house seemed to go up overnight,” said Ron Laubham.
“These 13 couples have been on a total of 110 Habitat builds throughout the USA in their RVs, so we know what we’re doing,” said Ken Shipe, a full-timer RVer from Colorado.
According to The Pilot, the community has also become involved in the annual Habitat build by the RVing group.
“Moore County and its Habitat affiliate truly lay out the red carpet,” added George Daum, who is from Ohio.