Richard Coon, president of the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA), wrote the following Letter to the Editor which was published in the  Los Angeles Times on Saturday (April 4) in response to the Times’ March 29 story titled “The RV: Going the way of the dinosaur?” 

Coon’s letter read as follows: 

The recreation vehicle industry has been hit hard by the economy, but we  believe better days are ahead — not behind us, as The Times’ article suggests.
You create the impression that all RVs are high-end motorhomes, when in fact 80% of the market consists of towable RVs that average $23,000 retail. You ignore how RV manufacturers are adapting by producing lighter and more fuel-efficient vehicles. New models include the first-ever RV hybrids, ultra-light composite trailers and green technologies such as fuel cells and solar panels.

We agree that the biggest problem facing the industry is “dried-up credit,” not a lack of consumer interest or demand. Encouraging retail traffic and the innovation going on within the industry indicate that the long-term outlook remains positive. We are looking forward to the road ahead — just like all of America’s 30 million RVers.