The U.S. Senate Wednesday (Sept. 10) approved a bill that will restore $8 billion in highway user fees to the Highway Trust Fund.
According to a press release, the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA) took a strong position in support of the legislation, noting that “a well-funded highway system is critical to the RV lifestyle.”
RVIA said it worked with the Highway Users’ Alliance and other groups to urge Congress to pass the legislation and activated its grassroots members through RVAct.com.
“A failure to pass the bill would have been detrimental to transportation and infrastructure projects across the country,” RVIA said in the release.
The bill was introduced in reaction to a shortfall of several billion dollars to the fund that was due principally to a decline in driving as a result of consumers buying less gasoline (with each gallon of gas sold, 18 cents is directed to the Highway Trust Fund).
The Highway Trust Fund deficit was expected to result in a loss of funds to states of more than 30%.
RVIA said that President Bush is expected to sign the bill into law.