A delegation representing the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA) visited the Beijing RV Exposition Center on June 28.

The delegation included Richard Coon, RVIA president; Craig Kirby, RVIA vice president; Bruce Hopkins, vice president; and Edward Han, director of Asia Affairs from RVIA.

“After looking around the vehicles and camping park, the four talked with 21RV and representatives from RV and campground industry on the topic of enforcing the connection between RVIA and Chinese government and enterprises,” according to a news release from 21RV. “The standard of Chinese campgrounds was another hot topic during this visit.”

According to Kirby, RVIA will stay in China for about 10 days. During this trip, they are meeting government departments and enterprises such as Shanghai Tourism Administration, CTS, China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, Ministry of Transport of China (MOT), China Automotive Technology & Research Center (CATARC), Beijing ONYX, Centech and 21RV.

The delegation is visiting in advance of the fifth Beijing International RV & Camping Exhibition and the third China RVing & Camping Rally which will be held Aug. 9-12 at the Beijing RV Exposition Center.

This is the fourth time that RVIA representatives have visited China since 2007.