Editor’s note: The Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA) issued the following letter to its members Thursday (April 13):

Dear Members,

Within the past few days, RVIA discovered an alleged financial misconduct involving a mid-level employee in the Reston, Va., office. Although the potential loss has not been fully determined at this point, it is believed to be in the approximate range of $75,000. RVIA’s insurance carrier, Fidelity, has been notified of the potential loss. RVIA confirms that this employee was immediately terminated and is no longer employed by the association. Moreover, a detailed independent investigation into all aspects of the incident has been initiated.

Because RVIA considers its proper stewardship of every member dollar to be its highest priority, we are treating this incident as a serious breach of trust. Every effort will be made to ensure that the investigation is thorough and transparent. While it is disturbing to discover alleged employee misconduct, it is important to recognize that this issue was only brought to light through the integrity and ethical conduct exhibited by several RVIA staff members. These reporting employees represent the true character and values of RVIA’s dedicated team.

On the advice of legal counsel, RVIA will not offer any additional comments while the investigation into this matter is being conducted.

Thank you,

Bob Parish, RVIA Chairman of the Board, Wells Fargo Capital

Frank Hugelmeyer, RVIA President