Once again the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association has received a number of complaints over exhibit space allocation for its National RV Trade Show in Louisville, President Dave Humphreys said Tuesday (Sept. 16).
“Every year it seems the complaints escalate,” he said this week at the RVIA’s general membership meeting in Lake Geneva, Wis.
Humpreys also noted, without elaboration, that the RVIA “almost got sued again this year.”
Some of the complaints concern the method for allocating exhibit space at the Kentucky Fair and Exposition Center, he said. Others cite a lack of exhibit space and say the quality varies.
“It’s a terrible thing in the trade association world if your members want to buy more and you can’t sell it to them,” Humphreys said.
An expansion of the Kentucky Fair & Exposition Center (KFEC) in Louisville will begin soon and 165,000 square feet of new exhibit space will be available to RVIA members for the 2005 national trade show. However, a portion of the KFEC will be demolished after the 2005 show and the renovation will not be finished until prior to the 2007 show, Humphreys explained.
The 165,000 square feet of new space that will be available beginning in 2007 will satisfy RVIA members’ current needs, but if demand for national trade-show space grows beyond its current level, space allocation issues will arise again, Humphreys said.
“We’re all very comfortable in Louisville and Louisville folks have been tremendous to us over all these years,” he said. “We love Louisville and they’re great to us and the last thing on my agenda would be to move but we have to address these issues.”
Consequently, the RVIA board decided on Monday (Sept. 15) to refer “all decisions on those dilemmas to the Strategic Planning Committee and, hopefully, we’ll come up with a series of answers that will serve everyone very well,”
Additionally, the RVIA board decided to continue scheduling its annual meetings in September and to hold next year’s annual meeting in either the Denver or Salt Lake City areas.
In June 2004, the RVIA’s Committee Week gathering will be in the historic Willard InterContinental Hotel, one block from the White House in Washington, D.C., Humphreys said.