Indiana Gov. Mike Pence

Indiana Gov. Mike Pence

Working with the Commercial Service of the U.S. Embassy in Beijing, China, the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA) co-hosted a reception in honor of Indiana Gov. Michael Pence and a delegation of Indiana government and business leaders at the embassy on Tuesday (May 12) to highlight the tremendous potential of the RV industry in China.

The event brought together more than 100 attendees, including Chinese government officials, RV dealers, campground owners and others involved in the RV industry in China. RVIA arranged to have three travel trailers and a motorhome on display at the reception to showcase RVs manufactured in Indiana. The RVs attracted a lot of attention with many people voicing their desire to go RVing in China.

Gov. Pence toured the RVs accompanied by Dan Kritenbrink, Charges de Affairs of the U.S. Embassy, Craig Kirby, RVIA vice president of international business and general counsel, Bruce Hopkins, RVIA vice president of standards, and Edward Han, RVIA’s director of Asia affairs.

Addressing the reception’s attendees, Pence was proud to point out that 85% of the RVs made in the U.S. are produced by Hoosiers in the “RV Capital of the World.”

Noting that China is the world’s second largest market for RV exports, he said, “Thousands of Hoosiers are building RVs that are then sold globally, including in China. And with the current popularity of RVs in China, tonight was a great opportunity to discuss how more Chinese people can fully enjoy the open road and the great outdoors with an Indiana-made vehicle.”

The governor also called on the Chinese government to relax rules and regulations on RVs and to reduce import duties and taxes levied on RVs so that more Chinese can enjoy the RV lifestyle.

RVIA’s Craig Kirby said the event was a rousing success. “On behalf of the RV industry, I want to thank Gov. Pence for his support of the RV industry both at home and abroad and express sincere appreciation to our Chinese guests for being with us. RVIA and its members pledge to continue working with the Chinese government and the RV industry to grow the market.”