The Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA) and the Mike Molino RV Learning Center are launching additional online tech certification prep courses in four specialty areas: appliance, chassis, electrical systems and plumbing.

According to a press release, these four specialty courses are on-line now and a fifth preparation course for the Certified Body Specialist test is in development, to be released later this year.  The online program allows every technician to access individual self-study training and certification preparation.

These new specialty courses prepare a registered technician to become a Certified RV Specialist, the alternative right side of the RVDA-RVIA RV Certified RV Technician Career Ladder. The comprehensive RV Technician Certification Preparation course for technicians pursuing the left side of the Career Ladder, and the Registered Technician Preparation course, were released in October of last year.

A registered technician moves up the career ladder by choosing one of two paths. Participants can choose to take the comprehensive test, which covers all subjects required for certification or master certification, or he can choose the alternate path (the right side of the ladder) by moving through the individual specialties: appliances, body, chassis, electrical systems and plumbing. Once a technician holds all five specialties, or passes the full certification test at the master level, and meets the time-in-service requirement, he becomes a master certified RV technician.

The new program features updated online materials and test preparation resources that reflect the changing needs of the RV industry, which relies on professionally trained and certified technicians to maintain the latest RVs on the road today. Currently, there are fewer than 2,200 certified RV technicians.

The new platform is designed to track, train and prepare RV technicians at all levels to be able to pass a certification exam or to prepare to be recertified. All content and testing is online and there is no need for other program materials.

“RVIA and RVDA have worked together to develop this new training site for the benefit of all service technicians, dealerships, manufacturers, and suppliers,” said Bruce Hopkins, RVIA vice president of standards and education. “This new platform really enhances the accessibility and convenience for techs readying themselves for certification which is vitally important in today’s RV market where there never seems to be any down time. As we are all aware, a well-functioning technician training effort is a key element in the overall health of the RV industry.”

“Certified technicians are in great demand today and this program is designed to help meet that growing need,” said RVDA President Phil Ingrassia. “Our industry is on the rebound and this improved program will help technicians successfully navigate the path to certification.”

The goal of the RVDA-RVIA technician certification program is to identify professionals who have demonstrated the knowledge and ability to satisfy established, respected standards on RV diagnostic and repair procedures. Technicians must pass a rigorous testing process designed to measure technical competency and recognize those who meet or exceed industry standards.

To register for RV technician certification prep courses and industry certification, visit www.rvtechnician.com.