Before Congress went on its summer recess, the Senate failed to stop a filibuster of a tax bill that contained a provision restoring $8 billion dollars to the Highway Trust Fund, a provision that was approved by the House on July 23.
The Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA) said it is supportive of the bill because “a well-funded highway system is critical to the RV lifestyle.”
The legislation was initiated due to a shortfall of several billion dollars to the fund in 2009. RVIA said the deficit in the Highway Trust Fund could result in a significant loss of funds to states.
To encourage the Senate to pass the bill and return the money to the Highway Trust Fund, RVIA is urging members to contact their legislators over the summer recess and encourage them to vote in favor of restoring the finances.
RVIA said a failure to pass the bill “could be detrimental to transportation and infrastructure projects across the country.”