The Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA) Annual Meeting next year will take place in Hawaii on “the dry side of Maui,” the RVIA Board decided on Friday (March 8).
The idea of holding the association’s annual board and general membership meetings in Hawaii drew considerable discussion among board members the past year. Several believe that an expensive and lengthy trip to Hawaii would create the wrong appearance for executives in an industry that was in recession.
However, a majority of the board voted Friday to schedule next year’s meeting in Hawaii because the RVIA’s best-attended annual meetings have been the ones in Hawaii.
The 2003 RVIA Annual Meeting will take place March 12-16 at a yet-to-be-determined location on Maui.
This year’s RVIA annual meeting took place at Disney’s Boardwalk Hotel in Orlando, Fla., and the 2001 annual meeting took place in Palm Springs, Calif.
The Reston, Va.-based RVIA represents RV manufacturers and their suppliers.
Traditionally, the RVIA has rotated its annual meeting sites between resort locations in California, Florida and Hawaii.