The Recreation Vehicle Industry Association’s (RVIA) government affairs staff has initiated a number of bills in the 2005 legislative session to help bring uniformity among the states regarding maximum allowable dimensions for RVs.
States that have passed bills this session defining maximum widths on RVs include Arkansas, Kentucky, Idaho, Maryland, Montana, Nevada, South Dakota and Washington.
To date, 42 states have signed RV width legislation and RVIA reported that Alabama and New Jersey currently have bills that are poised for passage
RVIA said the bills stipulate that overall width does not include awnings or other “appurtenances’ that extend off the sides of RVs.
New Jersey remains the only state that must still address all three RV dimensions issues: maximum length, maximum combination length and an exemption for the appurtenances when measuring the width of an RV. RVIA has a bill in process that addresses all three of those issues.